Parenting Tips for Dads, by Dads

Parenting Tips for Dads, by Dads is a parenting website we came across for dads, by dads. The tone of it is very light and funny, which we like, you won’t find anyone preaching to you here! Articles are short (I could learn from that!), to the point, and try to be as actionable as possible. You will find tons of tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

Below is a summary of a couple of articles we liked:

Games to play on a rainy day

Even when you’re abroad, the weather lets you down. forDads had written about a few ideas for games you can make and play on a rainy day: Mini home-made foosball, Tic-Tac-Toe, Maze Ball Game. Check the article here:

Things you don’t need for your newborn:

One thing is certain, the marketing around baby gadgets is HUGE and the social pressure around you is incredible! “You Must have this 2000 EUR buggy for your new born”, “Get this thermal activated baby monitor”… Here ( is a list of gizmos that you can definitely live without and you might come across at some stage.

And, last but not least:

Activities to help bond with your daughter

You will find some ideas below that can help you bond with your daughter. (link: These include your special handshake, eating out, having a ‘yes’ night and much more.

Unlike other parenting websites, tells you things as they are. As they say themselves, “we’re no experts, we’re just a bunch of dads”.