Terms & Conditions

We ask you to read our Terms and Conditions, as you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these before your booking can be confirmed.

Please note that when you make your reservation, storkrentals.ie will charge your credit card for the amount due for the entire “Hire Period” (as defined below). By acknowledging this Agreement, you also authorize storkrentals.ie to charge the Hirer’s credit card for any late returns, late cancellations, lost, stolen, broken, or non-returned equipment, and for all other amounts payable under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Please see Section 3 below for further details.

Following these guidelines will help you to:

  • Understand what you can expect from us;
  • Get the key information that will help you to organise your hiring;
  • Understand what we need from you in order to complete your booking successfully.

Specific Terms & Conditions for Online Booking

1 – Definitions

“Equipment” shall mean the baby and /or children’s equipment being hired.

“First Hire Day” and “Last Hire Day” shall mean the first and last days respectively on which the Equipment is being hired by you.
“Hire Period” shall mean the period during which the Equipment is being hired and will commence on the First Hire Day and terminate on the Last Hire Day.

2 – Parties

This agreement is entered into with storkrentals.ie

3 – Booking Constraints

Booking Date: The Stork Exchange.ie can accept bookings with at least 24 hours’ advance notice and made up to 12 months in advance.
Minimum hire duration: The minimum hire period is 1 day and hires of less than 24 hours will be charged a full day’s rate.
Maximum hire duration: The maximum Hire Period is 4 weeks.
Subject to Availability: storkrentals.ie will make all reasonable efforts to provide you with the equipment you order. However, please note that due to unknown factors such as equipment not being returned on time, insufficient lead time, lost, broken or stolen equipment, etc., all of our equipment is subject to availability. If the equipment you desire is unavailable, we will endeavour to replace it with equipment of the same standard that is apt to fulfil the same purpose.

4 – Delivery and Collection

Pick-up and Return of Equipment: Equipment shall be picked-up on the First Hire Day and shall be returned on the Last Hire Day at Dublin airport / delivery location.
Unless advised, we will meet you with the equipment at Dublin airport. In some cases, we will deliver equipment to an agreed location, this will be agreed with our local handler after you have booked. Deliveries may be limited to specific days and times during peak season.

For equipment to be released clients must produce the following:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • A valid and up to date credit card.
  • A copy of the booking confirmation.

5 – Duties

Duties of The Stork Exchange are to:

  • Deliver the Equipment on the First Hire Day, subject to booking constraints outlined in section 3.
  • Ensure that the Equipment is apt to fulfil its objective.

Your duties are to pay the price referred to in Clause 6

  • Not to use the Equipment for different purposes.
  • Not to use the Equipment imprudently.
  • Allow The Stork Exchange to examine the equipment at any time.
  • Allow any urgent repairs to the equipment.
  • Inform The Stork Exchange immediately if there is any fault or defect.
  • Inform The Stork Exchange immediately if your car is in an accident whilst using a Stork Exchange car seat.
  • Return the equipment in its initial condition on the Last Hire Day.

Repossession of Equipment: The Stork Exchange reserves the right to request the return of the Equipment or to repossess the Equipment if you do not comply with your duties as above, or if the Equipment appears to be abandoned. In the event of repossession, The Stork Exchange reserves the right to charge your credit card for the full Hire Period or for any period thereof.

6 – Prices
All prices shall be as listed on the website, and are subject to change without notice. The prices are guaranteed for the hire associated to the confirmed booking. The prices take into account all mandatory charges and include Value Added Tax or any other local tax.

Additional charges may be levied in the following situations:

Damages & Theft: up to the limit of the Equipment’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
Failure to Return the Equipment: failure to return the Equipment for any reason on the Last Hire Day or when requested to do so by The Stork Exchange, will result in our charging your credit card the full amount of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Equipment, in addition to any charges for the Hire Period.
7 – Payment

“The Stork Exchange” will charge your credit card for the amount due for the entire Hire Period when you make your online booking and by accepting this agreement you hereby authorize this charge. In addition, by accepting this agreement, you also authorize The Stork Exchange to charge your credit card for any late, lost, stolen, broken, or non-returned equipment in accordance with Clause 6 and for all other amounts payable under the present terms and conditions.

Method of Payment can be made using the following credit cards: “Mastercard”, Laser, and “Visa”. Payment using credit card is accepted in accordance with the limits authorised by your credit card issuer.

8 – Changes to Reservations: Refund / Cancellation Policy

Cancellations: You may cancel this agreement at any time by notifying The Stork Exchange by e-mail of your intention to cancel. Equipment can only be cancelled by email, and phone cancellations cannot be accepted. In the case of cancellations, the following is our refund policy:

Refund Policy

  • A full refund is administered for cancellations of up to 24 hours notice or more.
  • No refund will apply to bookings cancelled less than 24 hours from date of pick up.

Unused Booking

Equipment that is scheduled to be picked up will be kept for 12 hours and then cancelled (unless rebooked) if the equipment is not picked up, no refund will apply.

Changing Bookings and Extension of Hire Period

We will do our best to accommodate any changes that you may wish to make to your booking, including any extensions that you may wish to make to the hire period. Please note, however, that any such changes are subject to availability, particularly when requested within 72 hours or less of your First Hire Day.

9 – Miscellaneous

A €10 cleaning fee may be assessed if equipment is not returned in the condition received.
Renter will examine at time of delivery the Equipment and found it to be in good condition and will return the Equipment in the same condition as received.

10 – Damage / Loss Waiver

If the Equipment is returned damaged or in disrepair, including missing parts, Renter is obligated to pay the cost of repair in addition to charges incurred for the rental period.

If item is irreparable, Renter is obligated to purchase the Equipment at full retail replacement value.

Any change to the rental period will be by written agreement only with The Stork Exchange. If Renter fails to return the Equipment at agreed upon date and time, The Stork Exchange may repossess the Equipment without notice from the Renter and Renter releases The Stork Exchange from any claims arising from such repossession. If repossession is not possible, The Stork Exchange reserves the right to charge Renters credit card for full retail value of the Equipment in addition to charges incurred for the rental period.


Nothing in these terms and conditions will affect the statutory rights of any consumer or exclude or restrict any liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence or fraud of The Stork Exchange. You expressly acknowledge and agree that The Stork Exchange, its officers, directors, employees will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if The Stork Exchange has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the online booking.

Neither party shall be liable for failure in its performance hereunder caused by any case of Force Majeure. “Force Majeure” shall be considered – as defined by the applicable regulation(s) – as any irresistible or unforeseeable event, independent of the party suffering of the case of Force Majeure, which prevents this party from fulfilling its obligations.

Any change in this Agreement must be in writing and must be signed by the parties hereto.
You do not acquire any ownership or other interest in the Equipment except as specifically set forth herein.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the two parties.