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High Back Booster: Joie Trillo

15 – 36kgs/ 33lbs – 79lbs / Seatbelt or Latch Installation


Rent a ‘squishy’ high back booster! My kids loved this seat as it’s “more squishy” then their usual seats. The Joie Trillo high back booster actually does seem to have extra seat padding so it does make it a comfortable seat!

Features we love include:

  • Suitable from 15 – 36kgs/ 33lbs – 79lbs.
  • Easy to install with latch connectors.
  • Adjustable headrest to 7 different positions.
  • It has clear seatbelt guides to ensure the car’s seatbelt is positioned correctly across your child’s body. This is so important in a high back booster and probably my favourite feature.
  • It’s narrow enough, if you need space in the back seat.
  • Available at Dublin, Palma and Malaga airports.
  • This is a great basic seat, it covers all the necessary safety features, but if you want to go up a level, have a look at this one.

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