Family Christmas in Malaga

Family Christmas in Malaga

What to do for a family Christmas in Malaga? If you are bringing the kids on holidays to the Spanish city for the festive season, you'll need to know what to do! We asked our local TSE Rentals Malaguena, Sandra what families do, what’s on, and what dates are important.

Important Dates

Starting with dates, much like many continental European countries the Spanish celebrate Christmas on different days.  The big family dinner is on the 24th of December. The 25th of December is a bank holiday, so you can expect many shops to be closed! On the 31st of December, the Spanish have a wonderful tradition called 12 Grapes. Basically, you must try and eat a grape for every strike of the countdown! It’s actually great fun and honestly not that easy to do! On the 5th of January you have 3 Kings or "Cabalgatas de los Reyes Magos". A procession of people dressed up as Kings or Wise Men through the streets of Malaga centre, throw sweets from their carriages! It's a guaranteed hit with the kids!

Christmas Lights

Malaga is a beautiful city, and even more so when they put up their Christmas lights.  A visit to the "Jardín Botánico de la Concepción" is well worth the time as they have a special Christmas lights display. It's an approximately 2.2 kilometer walk through the garden and the lights are amazing. It's ticketed, and starts from 27th Nov and runs until the 9th of January.  Calle Larios in Malaga centre also has spectacular winter lights and makes for a very festive shopping experience. And while you’re in the centre looking at the lights, you can also see the Belenes de Navidad, or the traditional crib, on display!

Visit Papa Noel

During the build up to Christmas, there are different activities and workshops for children at various locations throughout the city, such as the Miramar shopping centre in Fuengirola. Activities such as visiting Papá Noel, storytellers and theatre are available, but it is necessary to get an appointment.

Ice Skating

Probably not something usually associated with the hot southern Spanish city but you can go ice skating in winter beside El Corte Ingles in Malaga centre! So, a family Christmas in Malaga will provide plenty to do to keep the little ones entertained! And all that on top of the usual great shopping and food the city is well known for. And if with all the walking around the city, legs are getting tired, you can always hire a buggy for the city break!